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Portable Massage Tables - Massage Beds - Massage Videos - Essential Oils - Aromatherapy 


Welcome to the Massage Supplies Warehouse website in Singapore.


We carry a wide selection of massage products to help you in your massage practice, whether you are a massage student, a home user or a massage professional.


From comfortable Massage Beds, to therapeutic grade Pure Essential oils, luxurious Massage oils and a wide selection of massage books, videos and accessories.


Essential oils have shown to provide many health benefits, and we have a wide range for you to select.

Essential oils are highly concentrated form of botanical oils that can provide therapeutic benefits.

Planting methods, ways of harvesting, distillation, manufacture, and storage affect the quality if Essential Oils. But the most important considerations is purity.

There are many ways to use essential oils, for example when you inhale the scent of an essential oil, and Essential oils are also easily absorbed through your skin when applied on the skin.




We carry one of the Widest  range of essential oils in Singapore. 

Over 70 types to choose from.


You will find our products are of a good quality and inexpensive as we cater specially for the massage student and commercial users like spas and massage therapists in Singapore.

Home users are also welcome to order from us as we have no minimum orders. So if you are planning to massage your friend, husband or wife after a hard day's work or for a special occasion - our products are also for you. 

We have one of the widest range of essential oils in Singapore. And can deliver islandwide

If you need any help or have questions on choosing the right product, please give us a call or email us - we will be happy to help you.

Drop us an email to join us as a member. Its free, and we will email you with the newest products that are imported in, and when we have any sales or promotions. 



Budget Foldable

Massage Table

Only S$299.00!

Lavender France
Essential Oil 50ml
Only S$49.50!

Beach Towel
40" x 60"
Only S$9.90!

The Best Tweezers in the World!

NEW! Self Massage Tools

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